LCFF Toolkit

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) offers an historic opportunity for school districts to set new, locally-driven priorities aimed at improving outcomes for students who are often underserved in public schools.

After years of budget cuts and a single-minded focus on standardized tests, LCFF priorities things like a board course of study, positive school climate, student and parent engagement – all things that arts education can deliver. Arts education aligns with LCFF goals and contributes to a set of unique skills and outcomes that are shown to help students succeed in school and in life.

Right now, districts are drafting Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) that will determine priorities and funding for the coming years. The California Alliance has created a set of materials and trainings to empower advocates to contribute to these important conversations, educating officials about the benefits of arts education.


  • 3 Ways to Support Arts Ed Right NowThis flyer outlines ways to participate in your district's LCAP process now through June 30. 
  • LCAP Template: Arts for LA, Arts for All, and the California Alliance for Arts Education collaborated to develop an LCAP template that offers concrete examples of how districts can implement arts education strategies to improve student outcomes.
  • Santa Barbara Advocates' Feedback Letter on Draft LCAP - download this great example of a feedback letter 
  • Sample Letter offering feedback on a district LCAP.
  • Webinar Archive: Writing Arts Education into a District LCAP (below)
  • Webinar slides from Writing Arts Education into a District LCAP
    Share Your District LCAP:  We want to hear your feedback on the Arts Education LCAP Template, as well ideas and best practices from yours district: Share them here