Can we get beyond our "fraying patchwork of programs, grants and donations"?

November 20, 2011
Dear Encinitas Arts Education Leaders,

I hope you're all out having a lovely, blustery Encinitas Sunday and are looking forward to a bit of down time during the holiday week ahead.  In the past two weeks I've had meetings with a few of the remarkable arts and education leaders here and will be sharing more with you at our November 30 meeting at City Hall. 

Next Meeting / New Leadership

A letter from the new local organizer of the Encinitas Alliance for Arts Education: 
Dear supporters of quality arts education in Encinitas:
I'm very pleased to invite you and fellow arts education supporters to the next meeting of the 2011-12 Encinitas Alliance for Arts Education (EAAE).  Save the date for Wednesday, November 30, 3-5 PM in the Poinsettia Room of Encinitas City Hall. An agenda will follow shortly and I invite your discussion and presentation topics. 
My name is Sandy Jordan, and I will coordinate the EAAE as Joann Johnson moves on to other projects.  I'm excited to help you energize Encinitas' arts education advocacy efforts! 

Learning That Lasts A Lifetime! Inspire and Motivate!

Launch of the Sacramento Alliance for Arts Education

On December 12, the Sacramento Alliance for Arts Education will host a breakfast meeting to gather parents, teachers, business leaders, arts organization and elected officials to build support for arts education as an essential component of a quality education in Sacramento publics schools schools. 


South Bay Alliance For Arts Education Leadership Team!

    Arts Integration In The South Bay/The Huffington Post

    Help This South Bay Theater Ensemble Get Started!

    Young Audiences of San Diego is working to get this ensemble off the ground! Please help make this a reality! We only have until December to get a $5000 matching grant to launch this program!

    Please Complete This Survey On Budget Cut Priorties For SUHSD!

    P.S. We're not a fan of #10!



    By Clayton Lord


    Representatives from the Humboldt Alliance for Arts Education Leadership Team