How to Survey Candidates in Five Easy Steps


How to Survey Candidates in 5 Easy Steps:

Our survey project is underway! You can join the project by surveying candidates in your community. Here's how: 

1. Gather candidate information
The California Secretary of State provides a list of county websites where you can find information about candidates for school board elections. Decide which district(s) to survey. If you live in a county with multiple districts, you may want to select a few key districts or ones with multiple seats up for election. Determine who will be running and gather contact information for all candidates.

 It's also a great idea to gather their facebook page information. 

2. Invite candidates

Use our sample letter to invite all candidates to participate. Include your email in the letter so candidates can email their photos (jpeg format) to you.

3. Send the Alliance a list of candidates for each district 
*It is important that you let us know the districts you will survey and all of the candidates running.  All candidates must be listed in the published results whether or not they complete the survey, so even if a candidate declines to respond, their names will be listed. 

4. Candidate Responses due by October 14 - Remind candidates!
Plan to follow up with a reminder email & phone call to confirm that each candidate has submitted their responses by October 14. This is a great time to post on their Facebook page - reminding and pursuading them to participate.

5. Promote the survey October 21 – Election Day

Help make the survey a success—share the results in your community! Include in your organization’s newsletters, social networks or eblasts; announce the survey at local meetings. Get the word out well in advance of the election. This is a great time to post on their Facebook page - thanking them for participating and provide a link to the survey.  


For help with surveying candidates in your community, email here