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Arts Now Communities receive leadership development, strategic assistance and communications tools from the California Alliance to support coalition building, strategic planning and arts education advocacy. Now in over thirty California communities, these coalitions convene business partners, community, arts and parent organizations to stand together for quality, accessible arts education for all students. Below are the most recent blogs from Arts Now Communities. For more information contact Robin Hampton

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District High School Art Showcase


Please attend the District High School Art Showcase this Tuesday evening, June 5 at the Frank M. Doyle Art Center Gallery at Orange Coast College to honor these talented young people.

5:30pm the Gallery opens

6:00pm Reception - Costa Mesa High School Jazz Band Performance 6:30pm Awards Ceremony

The Gallery will open to the public from 2:00pm-6:00pm Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

The Orange County Arts Education Collaborative Fund Awards $66,000 to Eight School Districts

Press Relese From Pat Wayne,Arts Orange County Deputy Director Dated April 6, 2012

The Orange County Arts Education Collaborative Fund-a collaboration between the Orange County Community Foundation and Arts Orange County-recently presented grants totaling $66,000 to 8 Orange County School Districts. Grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 were made possible by funding from The Boeing Company and the Orange County Community Foundation.

Arts Education is ALIVE in Huntington Beach!

What an exciting few weeks it has been for Arts Education in Huntington Beach!

Creative Jobs in L.A. County Projected to Rise by 4.3% in 2015


Employment of Digital Media Artists to Increase by 10%, Jobs in Industrial Design by 7%, Entertainment by 6%, Visual and Performing Arts by 4.5%

LOS ANGELES, Nov 09, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- --Otis College's Annual Report States Creative Economy Generated $129 Billion in Sales/Receipts in L.A. and Orange Counties in 2010, Up From 2009 Revenues.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Otis College of Art and Design has commissioned a creative economy report from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC). In 2007, Otis launched the study to champion an under-recognized economic driver of the region by putting real numbers to creativity. "It is gratifying to note that the Otis Report has become a useful and indeed much-used advocacy tool," said Samuel Hoi, president of Otis College of Art and Design. "Since its inception, the Otis Report has firmly established that the 'creative economy' is powerful in Southern California. In fact, it is one of the largest business sectors in Los Angeles with almost one in every eight jobs directly or indirectly related to art, design or entertainment."

12 Tips to Make Your Company More Creative

By Ronald Brown, author of Anticipate. The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success

“Last year, reports said creativity was on the decline in the U.S. However, reports this year indicate that creativity is more important than ever to business success.”

Airplanes, Algae, and Arts Education

According to John Eger's newest blog in the Huffington Post, "Clearly something big is happening across America" and that something is creativity.

Read about two California initiatives aimed at transforming classrooms through creativity.

Using a Creativity Index to Re-integrate Arts into Education

The California Legislative Joint Committee on the Arts [is holding] hearings on legislation that will develop a "creativity index" to measure creativity in public schools statewide. This movement matches legislation [passed in] Massachusetts last spring, and is much like a bill working its way through the legislature in Oklahoma. Maine, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Colorado and Wisconsin are beginning similar discussions and Nebraska is getting itself organized. Seoul, Korea, and Alberta and Edmonton in Canada -- and probably other cities and nations around the world -- are following these efforts closely. Clearly something big is happening across America.

The STEAM Camps Are Coming


As demand for a new workforce to meet the challenges of a global knowledge economy is rapidly increasing, few things could be as important in this period of our nation’s history than an interdisciplinary education that brings the arts and sciences together. Not surprisingly, so-called STEAM Camps signal an increased role for the arts as part of the new curriculum.
Most analysts studying the new global economy agree that the growing “creative and innovative” economy represents America’s salvation. The STEAM camps represent a totally new approach to the curriculum, and forge a new beginning in reinventing K-12 education…. The concept of STEAM (not just STEM) is taking hold as more parents and educators are learning the importance of nurturing both sides of the brain, and creating the new thinking skills our young people will need in the new economy. Art, in all it forms, does this. Hence, the STEAM camps with the emphasis on the arts and art related businesses such as digital media, biomedicine, biotechnology, energy, and clean technologies.

A letter from Executive Director Joe Landon


This letter was sent in the latest copy of the Arts Ed Mail. It proviides more information from Sarah Murr, who presented to our group doing the CUC PTSA parent education event in April.


Leadership Team Meeting #11


Leadership Team Meeting #11

April 26, 2011   ~   8:30 AM – 10:30 AM





PRESENT:  Ron, Reina, Keith, Debbie, Russ, Bruce, Clint, Tammy, Lauren

ABSENT:  Jerry (Excused), Beverly (Excused), Jenn, Kimberly,