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February 13, 2012

In an article featured in the Huffington Post, Youth Radio explores the potential impact of the creativity index proposed by SB 789 (Price), a bill sponsored by the California Alliance for Arts Education.

YMI interviewed Mary Wright, Associate Director for The Conference Board, a researcher on a report called, "Are They Really Ready To Work?", which "identified key skill sets that employers thought were important for their employees to have, and creativity and innovation were among the top
five." Wright explains how she thinks it could affect the workforce readiness of young people today.

There is growing recognition that our state¹s economy will be driven by ideas and innovation. According to a coalition of researchers, 81% of American corporate leaders say that ³creativity is an essential skill for the 21st century work force.² Yet schools have narrowed their expectations in recent years, ³teaching to the test² because standardized tests are the only public measures of school success.