San Francisco Alliance for the Arts
Who are we?
We are the San Francisco Alliance for Arts Education.

What do we do?
We advocate for the arts for every child, every day.

Why do we do this?
We view the arts as core to learning, and as essential toools for reforming and revitalizing education and communities, so that all San Francisco children reach their full potential and become engaged and productive 21st Century citizens.

How do we do this?
We engage stakeholders, develop resources, connect and make visible existing arts education efforts, and serve as a unifying voice for a dynamic local community, comprised of arts organizations, educators, parents, students, and business and community leaders committed to transforming the role of arts education in San Francisco.

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     NEW FEBRUARY 2014:
     SFUSD Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF) White Paper: Full Text [pdf]
     SFUSD Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF) White Paper: Summary [pdf]

Benefits of Arts Education

• Student involvement in the arts is linked to higher academic performance, increased standardized test scores, greater involvement in community service and lower dropout rates.

• Students who attend schools where the arts were integrated into classroom curriculum outperform their peers in math and reading.

• 1,500 CEOs surveyed by IBM ranked creativity as the most important leadership quality they are looking for in their workers.

• One out of six jobs in Southern California is now in the creative industries, and the creative economy is the second largest regional business sector.

• Arts education is mandated in the State Education Code for grades 1-12, in the disciplines of dance, music, theater and visual arts. The code does not mandate schools to follow these content standards, which leaves implementation to the discretion of each school district.



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