Student Voices Campaign

Thank you for joining us at the Grid student summit!

The California Alliance for Arts Education is proud to be collaborating with the Grid by inviting students to submit original art work answering the question: “How Will You Use your Creativity to Impact Your School and Community?” 

Visit the Student Voices Campaign site:
Launched by the California Alliance for Arts Education, the Student Voices Campaign is an annual statewide arts competition for students to make their voices heard in their school district.
In California, students are guaranteed a voice in planning and budgeting for their school. The Local Control Funding Formula, or LCFF, requires that districts consult with students, along with parents, teachers, and other community members each year to create the district plan, known as the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The Student Voices Campaign invites students in grades 7-12 to create original artwork that shows their vision for their school to share with their local school board, as part of the annual LCFF planning process.

We’re looking for teachers (grades 7-12) from all subjects as well as youth organizations to engage students to participate in the campaign during the current school year. Participating teachers and students will be eligible for travel stipends to attend our celebration event in the spring, where winners will be announced (date and location TBA)! Learn more and sign up!
The Student Voices Campaign Classroom Guide structures the campaign as a project-based learning opportunity recommended for grades 7-12 for any subject area, with elements of civic participation, creative expression, media production, and community engagement. It uses California Social Studies Standards, National Core Media Arts Standards, and Common Core Anchor Standards. Lessons can be scaled from periods of a few weeks to several months over the course of a school year. The Guide offers strategies and shortcuts if access to technology is limited.
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Questions: Contact or (626) 578-9315 ext. 105

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Student Voices Campaign Classroom Guide Webinar from January 11, 2017