Make the Case to Your School Board

Most funding decisions about arts education programs are being made at the local level. Share your knowledge, communicate your passion and help educate others about the value of arts education. The following tools can help you work effectively with your local school board to keep the arts in schools.

    Read our blog "What Works in Letters to Elected Officials" to learn about effective letters. 
    Creative Ways to Connect with Your School Board is a webinar offering concrete ways to build relationships with school board members and promote arts education in your local school district. Created by the California Alliance for Arts Education and the California State PTA, it features strategies for elevator speeches, school board presentations and an array of other ways to connect with school board members. View an archive of this one-hour event here (please note presentation begins at :30)  

  3. VIDEO: Watch an example of an effective school board presentation.
  1. When does your local school board meet? Find out when and where your school board will meet, and when votes for funding decisions are likely to happen. Information can be found on your local school district or county website.
  2. Prepare to address your school board. Tips on how to create an effective public presentation [PDF: 166K].
  3. Facts You Can Use. We’ve created fact sheets that you can use as part of your presentation.

Other Ways to Make the Case for Arts Education

  1. How to start a candidate survey in your community
    Candidate surveys provide a time-based, newsworthy way to raise awareness about the value and challenges of providing arts education in our public schools. Use our toolkit to get started.
  2. Bring an Elected Official to School
    A step-by-step online guide for planning a visit for an elected official to a classroom in your community.
  3. Get the Media Involved
    Tips on how to craft a compelling pitch and build relationships with media contacts.