Organizing a Visit for an Elected Official

Prior to the Event

  1. Determine a date and specific activities you will include in your elected official’s visit. Because State officials tend to be in their local offices on fridays, we suggest targeting a Friday in March ( March 4, 11, 18, and 25). If you’re inviting local school board members or city officials, you will have more flexibility. (See Creating a Great Event page)
  2. Mail an invitation to your elected officials to request a visit. (See “Sending an Invitation Letter” on Organizing a Visi with Your Elected Officials section)
  3. Follow up with a phone call one week following the mailing of the invitation (See “Contacting Your Elected Officials” on How to Contact Your Elected Officials page)
  4. If you have not received a response from your elected official within two weeks of sending the invitation, make another call to his/her office. Be prepared to explain the importance and purpose of his/her visit to your school. (See “Arts Learning in Action Fact Sheet” and “Status of Arts Education” at bottom of How to Contact Your Elected Officials page)
  5. Confirm the date that your elected official will visit
  6. Follow up with your elected official one week in advance of their visit

If you have a little more time:

  1. Send flyers to parents and the community at least one week before the event. (See “Involving Your Community” on Promoting Your Event page)
  2. Send press release to the media 10 days before your event (See “Inviting the Media” on Promoting Your Event page)

During the Visit

  1. Delegate at least one member of your organizing committee to greet the elected official upon his/her arrival at your school and act as host and escort throughout the visit
  2. Have materials ready to give the elected official. (See "Support Materials" on How to Contact Your Elected Officials page)

After the Visit

  1. Send your elected official a thank you letter. (See “Sample Thank You Letter” under Sample Documents)
  2. Please share your feedback with us. Email questions, suggestions and highlights from your event to the California Alliance: