Title I Initiative

Innovative arts strategies can play an essential role in raising student achievement in some of our lowest performing schools. Title I, the largest federal education block grant program, is dedicated to closing the achievement gap for students living in poverty. The Alliance’s Title I Initiative is dedicated to helping school leaders understand how arts strategies can play a role in meeting student achievement goals in Title I schools.

We developed a number of tools and resources to help with planning, developing, and advocating for Title I and the arts, available below.

Policy Paper: On the Path to Title I Arts: From Policy to Practice

“On the Path to Title I Arts: From Policy to Practice,” is the culmination of our seven-year Title I Initiative distills what we’ve learned over the years, including planning templates, case studies, lessons learned and recommendations.  Fully investing in an arts education for all students in all schools holds the promise of a revolutionary game-changer for California students and their education and ultimately for the way we see ourselves.  

Website: title1arts.org

The title1arts.org website demonstrates how arts programs can help achieve the goals of Title I, including student achievement, school climate and culture, parent and family involvement, and student engagement.  It contains numerous resources for program planning and development, including a guide to the important arts education research that supports Title I.

Film: Title I and the Arts

A brief and entertaining introduction to Title I and how the arts can support Title I goals.

Flyer: Four Things You Can Do To Start the Conversation About Title I and the Arts

This two-page flyer has tools for action in districts, schools and communities, linking arts education research to Title I goals and suggesting some simple steps to start a conversation or a program.

Policy Paper: A Policy Pathway - Embracing Arts Education to Achieve Title I Goals

This paper documents a policy pathway for districts and schools to use arts strategies to achieve Title 1 goals.

Blog Posts and Articles: Title I and the Arts

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