Arts Learning in Action 2011

The challenge:

The California Alliance for Arts Education invites you to join our statewide campaign to bring elected officials into our schools to witness the power of learning in the arts.

In recent years, state legislators gave local school districts the flexibility to spend arts education block grant funds on whatever they deem essential. As a result, local schools and districts are being forced to make difficult budget decisions regarding arts programs. Help us demonstrate the value of arts education, so these programs can survive and thrive.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Coordinate with interested educators, administrators, parents and community members to invite your local elected officials to experience arts learning at a school in your community (your school board, mayor, city council, county board of education, and county supervisors).

The Arts Learning in Action Toolkit on the pages that follow is an organizational “how to.” Click on the left hand menu items for all the tools you need, including:

  • Sample invitation
  • Sample press release
  • Publicity guidelines
  • Talking points on the value of arts education
  • And much more!