What Can a Website Do (Welcome to ours!)

We were just going to make a few changes to our website. Add a new section about local advocacy. Simplify our action center. And then, as often happens when you begin adding new elements to something, the whole thing changed. 

As we explored questions about goals and possibilities, the scope of the project grew. We discovered new web platforms that made it easy to add new elements and content. We heard from local advocates and stakeholders like you that you wanted easy ways to participate online and to find the research and tools you need to make the case for arts education in your community.


So today we launch a fully re-designed website! Here are some of the things it can do: 

1. It provides an online home for the twenty-five coalitions in our Local Advocacy Network and more opportunities for you to post comments, ask questions and participate. 
2. The new Action Center provides an array of grab and go advocacy tools from Three Minute Actions to three-week projects. And, we’ve simplified the navigation (and even made out font size larger per your request) so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 

3. Our new open source web platform (Drupal) is easy to update so even amidst an ever changing technical and political landscape, you’ll  have the latest news and web tools at your fingertips. 
We thank the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation and the Maurer Family Foundation for their support of the development of this website. We thank the staff at Arts for LA and the Sierra Club who generously shared their expertise with us. As usual, our community partners supported our efforts; The California Arts Council, the Music Center / Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County, The Performing Arts Workshop and PS Arts generously donated photos from their programs. Our team of consultants including information architect Monique Stover, Designer Ronni Kass, Drupal programmer Jenni Simonis and the geniuses at Zumwinkle.com made us look good with their smart ideas and superior work. Finally we thank Laurie Schell who provided stalwart stewardship for the project even as its goals and funding needs grew!
What can this website do? That question will be answered by you. Visit the Action Center and take three minutes to support arts education in all California public schools. From there, anything’s possible. 
Sibyl O'Malley
Communications Director
California Alliance for Arts Education