Innovative Strategies for Local Advocacy

No sooner did we finish writing a handbook for our Local Advocacy Network (affectionately named the LANBook), then new challenges emerged from the work being done on the ground. Three years into the project, we are twenty-five coalitions strong and, as more and more communities join our statewide network, they bring unique circumstances that generate new strategies. From South Bay to San Jose, here are some of the approaches advocates are using to support arts education in local schools:

  • School Board Meetings: The South Bay Alliance made sure a member of their team was present at each and every town hall and school board meeting last year. Through frequent communication within the team, they presented a consistent message to the Board and met new decision points with solutions.
  • Business Partnerships: In Orange County, local coalitions have partnered with the Boeing Company to co-host receptions for incoming school superintendents. Together they deliver the message that arts education plays a valuable role to an innovative workforce. Read the OC Work Force Investment Board’s report below for more on arts education and workforce development.
  • Art Teacher Caucus: In San Jose, members of the advocacy team have formed an Art Teachers Caucus to keep educators informed about and engaged in advocacy for arts education in local schools.

Help us write the book on local advocacy! Start a coalition in your community or send us your advocacy success stories to share on our website. If you’re just getting going try one of the Done-In-a-Day projects in the Action Center on our website.

Joe Landon
Executive Director, California Alliance for Arts Education