School Assessments Should Go Beyond Standardized Tests

SB 789 (Price) Moving Forward

With your help, SB 789 (Price) passed on the Senate Floor. It is now making its way through the Assembly. It was heard and passed in the Assembly Education Committee on June 13, 2012. It was placed on the suspense calendar by the Appropriations Committee until August 16. We are now working with Senator Price to move the bill out of committee onto the Assembly floor, where the entire assembly can vote on the issue. 

SB 789 (Price), The Index for Creative and Innovative Education, is an opportunity to advance the conversation about how schools and students are evaluated. 

Sponsored by the California Alliance for Arts Education and authored by Senator Curren Price, SB 789 would create an index to measure student opportunities for creativity and innovation in schools. If passed, it would provide a tangible way to measure and inspire learning opportunities that nurture creativity and innovation in our public schools.

Right now, student and school evaluations are based solely on standardized tests. As educators, parents, artists and students we know there is more to academic success than bubble tests. Research shows that arts education raises student achievement in all subjects, lowers drop out rates and nurtures confidence and creativity in young people. To learn more, dowload our fact sheet on the bill. 

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