Thank you, Senator Kehoe


January 20, 2012

Senator Christine Kehoe

State Capitol, Room 5050

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Senator Kehoe:

Thank you for voting to pass SB 789 (Price) the Creative and Innovative Education Index. We salute your leadership on this issue.
With your help, we are advancing efforts to shift education policy to broaden assessments of schools and students beyond standardized tests. As you know, there is strong support among the public to provide California students with a well-rounded education. 
There is also growing recognition that our state’s economy will be driven by ideas and innovation. According to a coalition of researchers, 81% of American corporate leaders say that “creativity is an essential skill for the 21st century work force.” 

Yet schools have narrowed their expectations in recent years, “teaching to the test” because standardized tests are the only public measures of school success. 

SB 789 calls for the establishment of a “Creative and Innovative Education Index” to measure the opportunities schools provide to nurture creativity and innovation in students. For the first time, it would give schools a real incentive to build creativity into all areas of the curriculum. 

At a time when our public education system is in crisis, we have an opportunity to reimagine the possibilities and build something better. Thank you for working with us to make a well-rounded education available to every K-12 student in our schools. 


Joe Landon
Executive Director 
California Alliance for Arts Education