Advocates in Fresno Give Fundraising a Good Name

The Challenge: Finding a concrete way to get business leaders involved in arts education advocacy.

The Strategy: Ask them to sponsor a wall to display student artwork in a community gallery. 

The Story: When Elva Rodriguez launched an arts education advocacy group in Central Unified Fresno, she already had good, solid relationships with local businesses. She had been involved with the Rotary club as well as the school district. But, she wondered how she could create a tangible way for businesses to support arts education in the community. 

Her team came up with a concrete idea. They asked the Rotary Club to sponsor and name a wall in one of the galleries at Arte Américas, a community cultural center. The wall will be devoted to displaying student artwork. 

“The students invite family and friends to come to a free art opening at Arte Américas and see their work, says Elva Rodriguez, “All the student artwork is professionally framed – that is part of the experience.”
Not only does the business-sponsored wall provide evidence of local students achievements in the arts, but it also adds to the vibrancy of the local culture and gives community leaders a way to make a visible commitment to the arts. 

According to Rodriguez, “It’s a way that students, parents and members of the community can take pride in the creativity being generated right here in Fresno.”