Vote Yes on 30 and 38


On June 8th, the Policy Council of the California Alliance for Arts Education voted to recommend the Alliance endorse both funding initiatives on this November’s ballot. The next day the Alliance’s board ratified this recommendation.
“Our children Our Future: Local Schools and Early Education Investment” is sponsored by Molly Munger and supported by the State PTA. The initiative would “stop the bleeding” and put California back on a path to rebuilding funding for education. Though we have a long way to go to get back to where we belong in per pupil funding, this measure is a vital step in the right direction, and the most powerful step we can take to sustain and eventually increase arts learning opportunities for our students.
The “School and Local Public Safety Protection Act” is sponsored by Governor Jerry Brown. The initiative is essential to the survival of public schools in California. Should it not be approved, it is likely that every school arts program will be in jeopardy due to drastic cuts in school funding. There is nothing we can do that is more important for our students than to pass this critical measure.

The Alliance supports both initiatives for a simple reason: a vote withheld from either due to a voter’s preference will have the impact of a vote against it. Our schools and students simply cannot afford to lose in this election. We must do everything we can to ensure that at least one of these initiatives passes. (Should both pass the one with the higher number of votes would take precedence.)
For more information on these initiatives click on the links below.