Why We Need Props 30 AND 38

A message from California Board Chair, Mark Slavkin

The fate of public education in California is on the ballot this November.  Arts education and every other element of a quality education are at risk unless we pass Propositions 30 and 38.  

Proposition 30 is proposed by Governor Brown in order to balance the current year state budget without further devastating cuts to schools.  School districts will be forced to cut several weeks from the current school year if Proposition 30 is not approved. 

Proposition 38 will generate new state revenue and begin the process of restoring essential funding for our schools. Neither measure is about arts education per se, although Proposition 38 lists the arts as one potential use for the money. Yet if these measures are approved, they provide real hope that we can rebuild vital arts programs. If they lose, all bets are off. 
As advocates for children, it is our responsibility to work for passage of these measures.  We need to demonstrate to our colleagues in public education that we stand firmly with them, and not off to the side as a “special interest.”  

We know there are many good reasons for voters to be skeptical about new taxing and spending measures.  Much of the frustration is warranted.  Yet we owe it to our students to rise above our cynicism and do what is right for them.  Please join the California Alliance for Arts Education and vote yes on Propositions 30 and 38.