Electing Strong Arts Education Leaders






How do you find strong arts education leaders? Ask the right questions.

Where there’s a strong arts education advocate, chances are there is also a person who may love to draw or play the guitar or who knows the joys of running cues for a play. It doesn’t take much to awaken that passion -- you just have to ask.

For the upcoming election on November 6th, the California Alliance asked candidates about the role of the arts education in addressing critical issues like closing the achievement gap, reducing the dropout rate and preparing students for college eligibility and the 21st century workforce. But we also asked them about their personal connection to the arts because we’ve found that that very often that experience instills a strong commitment to this issue in people.

With the help of committed advocates at the Alameda County Arts Commission, Art is Education, Arts for LA, Arts Orange County, Burbank Arts for All, California Arts Advocates, California Arts Council and the California State PTA, as well as members of our Local Advocacy Network, candidates in over sixty local districts and races participated in the survey.

Now, we’re asking you to read the survey, share the survey and vote! Use our online toolkit to help us spread the word so advocates all over the state can use the survey results to identify and elect strong leaders for arts education.