Proposition 30 Passed. What's Next?


We did it! Californians voted to pass Proposition 30 (53.9% to 46.1%) and reinvest in our schools. Thank you for joining our efforts and ensuring that this essential funding for education passed.

Proposition 30 will raise the state sales tax a quarter-cent for four years and increase the income tax of the state's highest earners for seven years. The 2012-2013 California budget depends on that revenue.  

In a letter sent to the Governor this week,  Joe Landon acknowleged the importance of this victory as well as the work that still lies ahead:


"Our hope is that we can begin build upon this moment, as we look ahead with a renewed sense of the learning opportunities the arts offer across the curriculum, both through instruction in the discreet subjects of dance, music, theater and visual arts, as well as through arts integration, career technical education, and other aspects of a comprehensive educational system."

Landon pointed to two critical questions that lie ahead: 


How can we modify the framework for school accountability to encourage, not undermine, expansion of access to learning in and through the arts?

Should the state move away from categorical funding programs, what financial incentives will be offered to encourage that visual and performing arts will flourish in all districts and be an integral part of each district’s educational experience?

Read the Letter.