March is Arts Education Month!

The California Alliance for Arts Education and the California State PTA are sponsoring ACR 12, a concurrent resolution honoring March as Arts Education Month. The resolution will be heard in the  coming weeks in the Assembly Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism & Internet Media Committee before passing on to the Assembly floor. Read the resolution here.   
If you would like to write a letter on behalf of your organization in support of the resolution, please use your organization's stationery and fax a letter to:

The Honorable Ian Calderon

California State Assembly

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA 95814

Re:ACR 12 (Calderon) Arts Education Month: March 2013 

Letters should be faxed to Asm. Calderon at 916-319-2157 and also to our lobbyist, Kathy Lynch, at 916-443-7353.
The letters should have a cc as follows:

cc: Ms. Jeanette Barnard, Consultant, Assembly Arts, Entertainment, Sports,Tourism & Internet Media Committee
Mr. Jared Yoshiki, Consultant, Assembly Republican Caucus