AB 580 Would Restore Funding to California Arts Council


In March, Californians for the Arts convened arts leaders and state legislators in Sacramento about the new bill AB 580, which would increase appropriations for the California Arts Council from $1M to $75M. The bill, authored by Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian (D—Los Angeles County), will be formally introduced to the state assembly when the language has been finalized. The California Arts Council is a state agency in Sacramento that supports arts programs across the state with granting and education programs. Its budget was slashed 97% in 2003, bringing California’s per-capita arts spending to 49th in the entire United States, ahead of only Kansas, which had eliminated public funding for the arts entirely. The funds from AB 580 would bring California’s per-capita arts spending up to 12th in the nation, or roughly $2.00 per person. The CAC is currently doing strategic planning to determine which of its programs would be revived if the bill passes. Learn more.