Student Voices Video Makers Win Adobe Software for their Schools

Last month marked the close of the Alliance’s Student Voices campaign, which gave students from all over California a platform to share their creativity and passion for the arts with their legislators. Our first-ever student video campaign drew an inspired array of submissions that showcased the artistry, hard work and zeal of student artists.

Thanks to a generous donations from Adobe, the students whose videos received the most likes have won free Adobe software for their schools.
Melody Lee and Irene Lee, students at the Orange County for the Arts took first place and a video created by Michelle Coder and Cody Watson in partnership students at Ridgepoint School, a middle school in Sacramento, came in second. Congratulations to both on their unique vidoes and their successful efforts to spread the word about the campaign on social media. 

Special thanks also go to:
Teacher Theresa Boteilho and Drama students at Hopkins Junior High in Fremont, who together submitted six videos to the campaign 
Teacher Denise Tarr and Drama students at South East Middle School in Los Angeles who created six videos for the campaign. 
To see all the videos, visit the campaign on Tumblr