The California Alliance is hosting regional convenings planned to help California schools and districts understand the appropriate use of arts strategies within the Title I program.

In the coming months, we will travel to Sonoma, Los Angeles, Alameda, and Sacramento to share strategies for increasing student engagement, academic achievement, parent involvement and other Title 1 goals through the arts. School principals, district administrators, financial officers, school site council members and categorical funding experts are invited to attend and will receive information on best practices and research that can be used to support these efforts including a step-by-step walkthrough of how arts strategies can be included in a school site plan.

The scheduled convenings are the following:

  1. Alameda: Friday, April 25, 2014 1-3p.m., Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Ave, room L2 Hayward, CA 94544 Register. Event Flyer. 
  2. Sacramento: Wednesday, May 21, 2014, Sacramento County Office of Education, 8:30 AM: Breakfast and Networking 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Meeting Register. 

* The admission to all the listed events is FREE

A substantial body of evidence shows that arts based strategies increase student achievement and hence are particularly valuable to advancing the goals of Title I schools. Yet, research has found that students attending Title I schools have a disproportionately lower access to arts education than their more economically advanced peers.

For that reason, the California Alliance has been working to establish a shared understanding aligned across school, district, state and federal levels of leadership regarding what is allowable when it comes to expending Title I funds on arts education and have made it our priority to educate our schools and districts on how to embrace arts education strategies to improve literacy and math skills within the Title 1 program and boost educational outcomes for low-income students. Register for one of our Title I & the Arts convening and help us advance arts education for all California’s students. 

Last year, the Alliance published a Policy Paper offering a roadmap for districts who wish to pursue arts education strategies to meet Title 1 goals. Now, we are now working with a cohort of California schools to create a model that can be shared with other schools and districts. With your help, we can ensure that every student has the opportunity to benefit from arts education.