Kristin Reese, Executive Director of the Mono Arts Council, understood that in order to get the Strategic Arts Plan adopted and implemented, she would need to create a strong relationship with Mono County Superintendent, Dr. Stacey Adler and take a deep dive into the education community in her county. The Arts Plan was created in partnership with the Alliance and coach Peggy Burt with Superintendent Adler, with partner funding support by Sarah Anderberg, Director CCSESA Arts Initiative.  Having grown up in Mono County, Kristin had a head start at the relationships necessary to make her plan a reality. Her existing relationships were strengthened and new ones were established by her persistent communication and passionate commitment to the arts. She set up monthly meetings with Superintendent Adler to discuss the progress of the arts plan and organize the arts integration training that Kristin’s organization, Mono Arts Council, is helping implement. The members of Kristin’s community are aware that she is a partner on the journey to equitable arts access and when she commits to a project, she will be there every step of the way. Kristin takes the time to build the relationships necessary to support arts education in her district, and as a result of those relationships, she has amplified her impact.