Iris Lin, 10th grade student at Silver Creek High School, tied for first place in the Student Voices Campaign last year with her video ‘the arts matter’. Her video was seen across her school district (and the state!) and was highlighted by her Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator, Jeannine Flores, at the Young Artist Showcase. Her principal recognized Iris from her video and engaged her in a conversation about arts education resources. Through their conversation, they came to realize that there was a disconnect between the values students placed on the arts and how administrators prioritized the school budget. It was clear that students and administrators needed to start a dialogue! The principal and vice-principal encouraged Iris to attend PTA meetings in order to continue communicating the needs of the student body. By attending the meetings, Iris will be able to continue the conversation about arts education with the school administration. Iris is taking the steps necessary to open clear lines of communication with her principal and PTA to support arts programs with school funding.