The Stanislaus County Alliance Vision and Mission Statement

The Stanislaus Alliance Vision and Mission Statement:

Through informed and intelligent decision making by educators, and involvement and assistance from the community at large, quality arts education in Stanislaus County schools will be an essential part of every student's educational experience.

The Stanislaus County Alliance for Arts Education will

•  make the compelling case for arts education to policy and decision makers, educators, parents, and the public at large;

•  define the ways in which various community organizations, business leaders, parent groups, arts organization, post-secondary institutions and individuals can help schools to include the arts for all students in an equitable manner;

•  influence policy making that will strengthen arts programs at the school site, district, state and national levels;

•  seek out funding sources that can assist with delivering arts education curriculum, instruction and activities for our students;

•  encourage and assist others to share, showcase and celebrate student learning in the arts.