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You Can't Have Heart Without Art! 
Raising Funds for Arts Education

San Diego authors, arts educators, and arts advocates
Ron and Reina Bolles, have recently published a book, Learning That Lasts A Lifetime


100% of the profits go to arts education. 



In its 350 pages, 115 of their former students spanning the past 35 years share how taking classes in the arts contributed to their success in life. The compelling stories of these former students represent many different career paths. While reading this book you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll become an even stronger believer in the power of the arts in education! You'll find someone who is like YOU! 


This is a great new resource to use when advocating to keep the arts in our schools. 


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Motivate your students - Read a story each week to your classes!

Motivate yourself - These are the stories, the reasons, we do what we do!

Use the book as a gift for parents and school board members to encourage support.

Fundraise for your group - ALL proceeds go to arts education!

Contact us for more information.

Ron and Reina Bolles - directoron@gmail.com