SBAAE Minutes ~ Nov 18, 2011

In Attendance: Ron Bolles, Reina Bolles, Debbie Nevin, Bruce Groff, Kimberly Feilen, Crystal Mercado, Vickie Mitrovich, Donna Arnold, Russ Sperling, Keith Davis, Beverly Norriss, Lauren Widney, Jerry Rindon


New SCPA Facilitator - Debbie Nevin

UC Requirements – A-G requirements… include one to two years of VAPA for all

“State Administrator of the Year” - Ron Jesse from SD county Ed Office

            Next year, combine the Riverside Conference w History

            Nominations for next year are due now.

            Go to

Young Audiences- programs declined this year. Getting creative to keep programs going.

District Dance Workshop

            Donna Flourney from Mesa College

            Pat Rincon came in with workshops.

            Now South Bay is a “K-Community College Connection”.

            Use workshops in exchange for rehearsal and performance space.

Chula Vista Middle School

            Winter Festival at CVM – Showcase school to community to retrieve the students from Charter Schools.

            Dec 3 is the Winter Concert at CVM – Auditorium and Quad 10:00-2:00 at CVM.

Opus Project is up and running at 6 schools in the South Bay. Getting instruments before the winter break.

            Rice, Harborside, Vista Square, Rosebank, Lauderbank, Otay

Southwestern College

            Dr. Nish is the new Pres at SWC

            SWC Art exhibit being moved to a store front in CV in the Spring.

            Planning Cinco de Mayo.

            Modernizing Mayan Hall.

            New publication in the fall “Enhancing Basic Skills And Critical Thinking In The Arts”.

County Office of Education Board

            Has fiscal oversight over 42 districts – state budget was passed 3.7 billion dollars short.

            Reduces instructional days from 180 to 168. California’s ADA is currently 50th in the nation.

CA Music Educators chose Fred Lee as Music Educator of the year.

Spring Music conference in Fresno

            Ron and Reina Bolles will be presenting to Educators

           "Learning That Lasts A Lifetime" book... ALL proceeds go to Arts Education

Lo Cal Collaborative – Calendar events, funding, policy page, arts directory,

            “HeART on Center” (Facebook – to find survey and application):

            Casa Familiar is the sponsor for  “HeART on Center”, on Center St., Jan 21, 4-8 PM

            Local live artists including South Bay artists and musicians – all ages


National City Youth Theatre Ensemble

  ; Search: National City

            Coalition of City, School District ,Young Audiences. (City, business, school)

            Young Audiences Facebok page.

            Online platform for fundraising

            All theater ensemble for 4-6 graders- envision, create, and perform their own plays

            Beginning in September ’11.

            Performing at Sweetwater HS Theater


Email global info, dates and photos to

Business Connections

            Sponsors – chamber of Commerce

            Use of Facilities:  teach = use of facility

            Master classes: sponsored by businesses in community

Connections with other Boards – Escondido Center for Performing Arts

To bring groups to CV area – Bev will see what she can do


            Mercedes Benz add – right brain left brain – slide show in Frenso


            Broaden support base-continue to reach out





                        Service clubs

                        City Govt

                        Partnership organizations

                        School boards (HS, MS, Elem. College)

                        Teachers – all age groups

                        Principals – all levels

                        Students – teacher bring a student

            # of meetings – 3-5 per year

            SBAAE Leadership timeline

            Friends of SBAAE

PTA Partnership

            Create ad blurb to direct people to SBAAE Website Action Steps

Arts Teachers

                      Parts of Arts Students

                                Arts  Students

                                          Arts patrons

School Boards

            Learning That lasts A Lifetime ppt at school board mtgs

            Parents sign up w 1 minute card to speak at board mtg

            Students perform their art 30 minutes prior to meetings, attended by parents.

            Invite school boards to concerts

            Have parents invite board members and city officials to concerts

            Identify advocates on the board

            Mobilize Parents

            Have a LARGE meeting for all parents and students at different sites

            Teach and train how to advocate for    arts ed., using the info from the CAAE website.

Energize the Community for support!

            ARTS BOOT CAMP!


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