Building Relationships with Superintendents

It’s a challenge when a local alliance spends several years building a great working relationship with a school superintendent and, after all that hard work, they change districts or retire. Of course, we wish them well but when a new superintendent arrives, how does the alliance keep the momentum going?
In Orange County, the month of November has been a banner month for welcoming new superintendents to the community and framing the issue of arts education in one fell swoop.

Two local alliances held welcome receptions for their new superintendents with over 70 community leaders, parents, arts organizations and teachers in attendance at each one.

On November 1st, the Santa Ana Arts Education Alliance welcomed new Santa Ana Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana, a former U.S. Under Secretary of Education.  This reception was held in partnership with the Boeing Company, featuring Sarah Murr, Community Investor, who spoke to the skills that Boeing looks for in a creative workforce. The event was held at The Wooden Floor, a professional arts organization that combines the power of dance with academics to transform the lives of over 375 students.

On November 17th, the Huntington Beach Alliance for Arts Education hosted a reception for two new superintendents with the support of the Hilton Waterfront Resort. Boeing was the co-host for the event and Sarah Murr, Community Investor for the Boeing Company was the keynote speaker.

Top picture: From right to left are Laurie Pechulis, Coordinator for Huntington Beach Alliance for Arts Education; Gregory Haulk, Superintendent for HB City school district, Sarah Murr, Community Investor for Boeing, Dr. Greg Plutko, Superintendent for HB Union High School District; and Pat Wayne, Director of Programs for Arts Orange County. Middle left picture: Dr. Thelma Melendez. Middle right picture: Attendees at Santa Ana Reception.