March is Arts Education Advocacy Month!

Art Every Day Tasks-31 Creative Ideas To Embrace Your Inner Artist This Month

Visit a museum or gallery. Take a street art walking tour. Take a photo. Research an artist. Create something handmade and give it to someone. Sign up for an art class. Create a floral or stone arrangement. Make a self-portrait. Doodle for 10 minutes straight. Frame something you have been meaning to frame. Sketch somebody and give them the picture. Create a font type for your name. Create a business card. Check out an art book at the library. Break something. (You have to destroy in order to create!). Make a collage. Support the local arts scene by going to a local festival, music event, art show, play, museum exhibit, etc. Make a card for someone you love. Make an inspiration board (moodboard) for a future project. Draw some chalk art on the sidewalk. Make origami. Finger paint. Illustrate a song that inspires you. Add an art blog's RSS feed to your reader. Draw the best part of today. Send a friend a link to your favorite artist's work. Create a place in your home to store your creative supplies. Close your eyes and draw for five minutes. Draw yourself as a cartoon. Take your camera with you on a walk and document the experience. Create an artist’s workspace in your home.