Leadership Team Meeting #11


Leadership Team Meeting #11

April 26, 2011   ~   8:30 AM – 10:30 AM





PRESENT:  Ron, Reina, Keith, Debbie, Russ, Bruce, Clint, Tammy, Lauren

ABSENT:  Jerry (Excused), Beverly (Excused), Jenn, Kimberly,



CONGRATULATIONS TO KEITH DAVIS! – Elected the new SBAAE LAN coordinator for 2012-2013


Ron gave a quick summary of the many accomplishments of SBAAE over the past 2 months. (See agenda for details)

All activities and goals were completed with the exception of the School Board visits. Never heard from Jerry regarding meeting dates and assigning team members to attend and provide performances. Ron’s assessment was that there was a ‘numbing sense’ with regard to the 6th year of budget cuts and the Governor holding the education system hostage dependent upon the outcome of his tax initiative. In the South Bay, it seems that most districts have adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude with regard to arts curriculum cuts.



1. Russ: Re-connect with elementary districts the resources available via flyers developed earlier this Spring.  (I.E.. Stand Up For Music, Orchestra Nova, SD Youth Symphony Opus Project, ArtsEd411.com)


2. Reina: Update ArtsEd411 website. Include Russ’ YouTube video.


3. Russ: Post example arts plans on VAPA website to support schools/departments in creating their site arts ed plans as part of the newly developed SUHSD Arts Master Plan.


4. Russ’ Office: Produce a flyer for 6th graders to take arts classes in middle school (Maybe do this for next Winter since they have already registered for this coming year).


5. Reina: Cancel Mail Chimp – No response to initial test run. Many thanks to Reina for her development and hours spent on this communications tool.


6. Lauren: Connect with Young Audiences and Orchestra Nova to coordinate schedules, etc.




Tammy: Southwestern College

Lots of rumors that the SWC lot will be a performing arts center. More info to come.


Clint: Young Audiences, COTA, NHASA, etc.

Continues to work as Advisor with COTA and the After School Arts Program at National School District. Also serves as the President of Young Audiences, and heads up the 250 student New Hope Arts and Sports Academy. Announced a couple of Administrative retirements with National School District.


Bruce: Hilltop HS

SUHSD Art show was a huge success. Mentioned that Russ was nominated for the Administrator of the Year Award for CAEA.


Russ: Shared portions of a YouTube video he created for CMEA (as incoming president). Hopeful that other organizations will follow suit and create a ‘State of the Arts” address as he has for CMEA. Click here to see the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_H4F85-FNY&feature=colike


Reina: Announced Thoroughly Modern Millie at CoSA and the Chelsea Chen Organ Concert at LJPC


Lauren: Opus Project:

200 kids per day at the Opus Music Camp. High School kids did some of the teaching. CVM performed

daily for the campers. Campers performed on Friday. Camp was held at CVM.

Day of the Child Event – Opus performed 2x (Memorial Park). 5000 people attended the event.

Go to sdys.org to get music into your elementary school.

Opus kids performed for the CV Mayor – 20 minutes at the recent City Council Meeting.

Music will be during school day next year for all 3rd graders at the current 6 schools where the Project is

taught. They will get 2 hours of class M-Th. The elementary district will pay for the teachers.

Castle Park Elem kindergarteners will receive 2 hours per week from Opus teachers this coming year.

Opus kids will perform for the CVESD School Board Mtg on May 8- Rosebank, Lauderbach, Otay.

May 17 is the Opus Project Spring Concert at Castle Park High School.

Additionally Lauren will be teaching choir to 2 Girl Scout Troupes - Escondido and on Upas St. in SD.



Tygett PAC and Theater on K St are constantly booked now.

SCPA Art Students participated in Day of the Child. It was a huge event.

SoCal Festival – was a huge event. $25 per person and people still went. People want this!

Debbie currently serves as CMEA Southern Border Section Festival and Clinic Coordinator. She is

utilizing more teachers than ever for festivals and clinics.


Keith: Eastlake HS and San Ysidro HS

Very Busy.

Received $ for 6 Intelli-lights at SYHS. Installing now.

Will get a couple of Intelli-lights for EHS in July.

CTE – Arts career workshop @ CVM on 5/19.

Auditions for West Side Story coming soon (Summer Musical)

People remember Les Mis success from last year and are signing up enthusiastically for this year’s show!

SUHSD District Summer Musical will be the first weekend in August.



The SBAAE Leadership Team voted to continue to meet as an arts advocacy organization. Ron indicated the fresh leadership and fresh eyes looking over the arts needs would be an asset. Ron was thanked by Russ for his founding and leadership of the SBAAE over the past 3 years. Keith Davis was nominated and elected to assume the role of Coordinator as Ron Bolles moves into an Advisory capacity with the team.  Redefinition of Why, How, When, Who, What, Where, etc. will be done as needed in the near future.


There are no more meetings scheduled for this school year.


Thank you everyone for your participation, ideas, leadership, encouragement and energy.


See you next year!