Alliance Endorses Ballot Initiatives

Alliance Endorses Ballot Initiatives
Last week, the Policy Council of the California Alliance met in Los Angeles and voted to endorse two ballot initiatives in the November election - the one proposed by Governor Brown, the other by "Our Children Our Future." The decision to endorse both was made with a recognition of what is at stake for California's schools.
Since 2008, our schools have sustained $20 billion in cuts. If neither ballot initiative passes in November, schools will be hit with another $5.5 billion in cuts. In order for children to have access to a complete education that includes the arts, schools must have adequate funding.
For these reasons, the Alliance strongly endorsed both initiatives. In the event that both should pass, only the one with the higher number of votes will be enforced.
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SB 789 (Price) Moves Ahead in the Assembly 

The Index of Creativity and Innovation legislation (SB 789) has passed the California Senate thanks to the leadership of Senator Curren Price (D-Los Angeles) and the sponsorship of the California Alliance for Arts Education.  The Senate sent the bill to the Assembly, where it is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Committee on Education, on June 13..  With the approval of the Assembly and the signature of the Governor, California would become one of the first states to adopt a creative index as a tool to promote creativity in our schools.To subscribe directly to the free CAAE newsletter, go to