Applause, Applause for Los Al Performing Artists

April is a popular month for performing arts festivals and competitions.  LAUSD was well represented at the local, regional, state, and national levels.  Here are some of the top recognitions garnered by Los Al performing artists:

At the prestigious Reno Jazz Festival, McAuliffe Middle School received 2nd and 3rd place honors, and LAHS Jazz I placed 2nd in their respective divisions.  Oak Middle School was awarded outstanding rhythm section and a scholarship to drummer Liam Reece at the renowned Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival.  

The Los Al Dance Team placed 2nd and 3rd at Tremaine Convention & Competition in Los Angeles.

Four students from McAuliffe Choir were part of the Southern California Vocal Association Honor Choir, which performed in Los Angeles:  Duke Ketcham, Annie Wang, Alexis Luyben, and Gillian Kass.  Oak Choirs placed 1st & 3rd in Placentia.  LAHS Choirs received 1st and 2nd place awards in Burbank and at national show choir competitions in Orlando and Chicago.  They were crowned Grand Champions in Orlando.  Nicole Barker, Tailynn Carlton, and Chance Perez were recognized for their solos. 

Los Al Drama presented an original play, "A Chance of Color", which was well received.

McGaugh Elementary School presented its 31st annual Pageant of the Arts, adding a new work by Australian Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye.  

Each of these events is the culmination of countless hours of effort by students, parents, classroom teachers, private instructors, booster clubs, school administrators, school board, and others.  The experiences and lessons learned - including discipline, teamwork, perseverence, cooperation, time management and imagination - will likely last a lifetime.