LAHS PTSA Reflections Program Honors Student Artists

-by Barbara LeMaster, 2013-14 LAHS PTSA Reflections Chair; photo courtesy Donna Chinn

The PTSA Reflections Program has honored four students at Los Alamitos High School for their achievement in the arts.  Donnovan Hill won the category of “Literature” with his piece titled “Life Changes”.  Delaney LeMaster-Dwyer won the category of “Dance Choreography” with her artwork titled “Believe, Dream, Inspire”. Serena O’Sullivan won the category of “Visual Arts” with her artwork titled “Believe, Dream, Inspire”.  Noah Patterson won the category of “Photography” with his work titled “Sanoset”.  Colin Brown-Greaves won second place in the “Visual Arts” category.  Hailey Morales won third place.  Zachary Harwood, Noel Limfueco, Shannon Ortiz tied for Honorable Mention 1, Riko Martin IV, Taryn Lee, Christen Drake were tied for Honorable Mention 2, Lindsey d’Arnaud , Taryn Lee (another submission), Lauren Hopkins Holly Fosmire, Kelly Peterson were tied for Honorable Mention 3 in the Visual Arts category.  Kevin Christensen won second place in the Literature category, and Elizabeth Guldimann won third place.  Matthew Eclevia and Elizabeth Guldimann tied for second place in the Photography category, Elizabeth entered other pieces that earned third place and honorable mention.  All four winners were advanced to the PTA fourth district competition.  Delaney LeMaster-Dwyer was first runner up in her category, and Donnovan Hill won an honorable mention.

The LAHS PTSA President, Tonimarie Cruz, the PTA Reflections Chair, Barbara LeMaster, the LAHS Principal, Joshua Arnold, and the Assistant Principal, Melissa Miller provide this opportunity through the PTSA Reflections program for students to explore the arts and be recognized for their achievements.  At a LAHS Reflections Awards Ceremony on April 22nd, from 7:00p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the Reflections program winners will be recognized by the Mayor of Los Alamitos, Gerri L. Graham-Mejia, the LAHS Principal, the PTSA President, and the Reflections Chair.  The judges for LAHS will be spotlighted during the event in terms of their own achievements in these arts categories, how they judged the artwork submissions, and they will give some advice as the LAHS artists move forward in their fields.  The judges were three from California State University, Craig Stone (Chair of American Indian Studies Department and Professor of Art), Andy Vaca (Chair of the Dance Department), Dr. Eileen Klink (Chair of the English Department), and a professional photographer with her own studio, Kelly Orr of Los Alamitos.  The photography winner will receive an internship with Kelly Orr’s photography studio. Each student will receive a medal, a certificate from the PTSA, and a token gift.  The winners will receive a certificate from the Mayor, the PTSA, a gift certificate to a store related to their artistic field.  Their names will be on the LAHS marquee on April 22nd.

The Reflections program is the National PTA’s cornerstone arts program.  It was developed in 1969 by Colorado’s PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to encourage students t explore their talents and express themselves.  Since then, the Reflections program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork.  National PTA believes every child deserves a quality arts education.  Partcipation in the arts programs like Reflections levels the playing field for underserved students, develops the whole-child, nurtures creativity and teamwork, and connects families and schools to one another and to their communities.  Learn more at