Meet the Music Director at Rossmoor Elementary & Weaver Elementary Schools - SANDY HINES


Sandy Hines is the music director at both Rossmoor Elementary and Weaver Elementary Schools. At both schools, she mounts an annual musical production, such as Patriotic America or Winter Holidays, for each grade level.  She directs the schools’ 4th & 5th grade choirs, which perform at various school events and the annual All District Choir Night.  She teaches her students to play the soprano recorder, and devised “Recorder Karate” as a way to keep students excited about learning music.  For each song or skill the student masters, s/he is awarded a colored belt that attaches to the recorder.  The belt colors start with white and end with black, as in the levels of achievement of martial arts.  Beads are awarded for exceptional merit and effort. She has found Recorder Karate to be a highly motivating tool to encourage all students to make progress.
She is proud to have over 15 years of teaching in LAUSD, loves working here, and particularly appreciates the support she gets from parents.  She likes learning about new technology.  She hopes to learn how to integrate 

music composition into her teaching and have her students learn it.  
She has always been involved in music.  She performed throughout her youth in all grades, children’s choir, and high school performing groups.  She takes pride in having placed in the top 10% of a large vocal music audition. She graduated from CSULB with a minor in Music and pursued teaching voice, piano, dulcimer, and recorder.  
Outside of her work in Los Al, she is one of the directors of Orange County Song and Dance in Westminster, which she co-founded 30 years ago.  Her guiding principle for the OCSD studio is to teach in a sequential manner so that students can develop all of the necessary skills to become “triple threats”.  Under her direction, the studio has successfully placed students in Disney parades, college show choirs, regional theatre shows, and other productions.  
Mrs. Hines loves teaching and the ability to give to her students.  She fosters the concept that “You are capable” for every child.  Rather than hold auditions for her musical productions, she asks who wants to do a solo.  She says, “We can all learn and feel successful.  We’re all musical if we get the opportunity to participate.” She prefers to forgo fancy costumes and props, so the focus remains purely on the children’s performance.  She believes that arts performance builds life skills.  “Performers have to think on their feet… That builds confidence, reduces fear. Satisfaction comes with accomplishment.”
She is enjoys watching all of her students grow and develop throughout their elementary school years.  She is particularly impressed with the progress made by her students who have learning disabilities.  She says, “It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about learning to adapt to the curves that life throws at you.”   
- by Donna Chinn, Los Al Arts