Los Al Drama Dominates at State

- by Stacy Castiglione, LAHS Drama Director
This past weekend the Drama Department took 36 students to the CA Thespian Festival (State Competition) and Los Al TOTALLY dominated.
Biggest news- The Griffin Puppet Players (a one-act chosen to perform on the mainstage at the competition) presents Pyramus and Thisbe was chosen to perform at Nationals this summer!!!!! Stella Thermos, Kaylie Harrington, Kendallyn Beltran, Sabrina Gludt, Kiley Barker-Taylor, Tara Virgil
1st place-Improv Team- Nikki Law, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Ellie Sims, Michael Schultz, Simon Martin
1st place- Comedy Showcase- Stella Thermos and Ryan Smith
1st place- Monologues- Miles Gutierrez-Riley
1st place- Theater Marketing- Mercy Hightower
2nd place- Makeup Design- Skye Meredith
2nd Place- Sound Design- Shane Ferguson
3rd place- Set Design- Derek Madrid
3rd place- Solo Musical- Sydney DeMaria
3rd place- Duet Acting- Kayla Wiggs, Tara Virgil
The following students received a "Superior" in their event, allowing them to take that piece to Nationals in June:
Katie Brown-Greaves
Kaitlin Buxton
Cassandra Cianciola
Evan Cusato
Sabrina Gludt
Miles Gutierrez-Riley
Alyssa Hahn
Kaylie Harrington
Nikki Law
Michael Schultz
Spencer Woolard
Solo Musical- Sydney DeMaria
Duet Musical- Bridget DeMaria, Sydney De Maria
Duet Acting
Nikki Law/Alyssa Hahn
Jessie Winslow/Simon Martin
Ellie Sims/Spencer Woolard
Stella Thermos/Keith Ahlstrom
Tara Virgil/Kayla Wiggs
Group Acting
-Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Jade Kaiser, Ryan Smith, Katie Brown-Greaves
-Stella Thermos, Simon Martin, Alison Parsons
Tech Theater
Oliva Elvidge
Mercy Hightower
Cameron Reed
Skye Meredith
Shane Ferguson
John Fujisawa
Derek Madrid
That is a whopping 28 superiors (which Is the second highest number for superiors) and ten place distinctions.  Los Al Drama is now looking to raise $7800 to get their puppet performance to Nebraska in June for the International Thespian Festival, where they will perform.