Takeaways from Arts Ed Learning Exchange Conference

The Arts Ed Learning Exchange conference in San Diego in mid-March was an infusion of inspiration. Special thanks to the California Alliance for Arts Education which created this conference as part of the new Arts NOW Campaign. The campaign was designed to shine a light on districts and counties and the strategic investments they are making to improve the quality of education. Highlighted in this conference were emerging arts education models in San Diego Unified School District and Chula Vista School District.

Arts News – Feb 2016

February started with the concerts for All District Band and All District Orchestra. Our high school, middle schools, and elementary school groups played to enthusiastic audiences.  You can see video clips of these, as well as some recent elementary grade performances, on the Alliance facebook page link below.  The All District Choral Festival will be March 7  at  6:30pm at Cottonwood.  Ticket info at losal.seatyourself/biz .


Santa Barbara County Alliance for Arts Education (SBCAAE) is welcoming new members to join our initiatives of promoting, supporting, and advocating for visual and performing arts education for preschool through post-secondary students in the county's schools.

A Great Learning Experience



Reflections Student Art by Vy Nguyen (Grade 5)

Reflections Student Art by Vy Nguyen (Grade 5)

Creating art is a valuable learning process. Artistic exploration and expression enhance and develop intellectual, social and physical skills.

When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, photography and other art forms, they grow intellectually. The National PTA Reflections program helps parents encourage and recognize the continuous self-discovery process of their children.

With art, children learn to analyze their thoughts, feelings and ideas; look at objects, people and experiences in a fresh and exciting way; and develop curiosity for the ideas and works of others.

There are four skills students demonstrate and enhance through their artwork in the Reflections program:

Why The Arts Matter

September 23, 2015

Ever wonder what National Endowment for the Arts staff actually think about the arts? While not everyone at the agency is an artist (though we do boast quite a few!), one thing's for sure--we all share a deep and abiding appreciation and understanding of how vitally important the arts are to the diverse people and communities that call the U.S. home. To paraphrase what more than one staffer said when we asked them to explain why they value the arts so highly, the arts matter because they help us to understand how we matter. Here's more...

“The arts matter because I learn something about people and places I would have never known otherwise. The arts make my brain and my heart stretch to make room for newness. Sometimes, parts of me are displaced and replaced by wiser stuff. And that’s a fine thing.” – Victoria Hutter

“Art matters because it illustrates the human experience—the wonder of it, the bewilderment of it, the whimsy of it, and so much more. We would not be connected so deeply without the existence of art.” – Kathleen Dinsmore

“The arts matter because they give us a mutual space where we can talk to one another about the 

Local Media Outreach

We want to make sure that everyone in our community is hearing about the importance of Arts Eduation.  The Amador Alliance is working with local media, including the Amador Ledger Dispatch and KVGC Hometown Radio to creat Arts Education PSA's.  

Meet our Amador Alliance Team

The Amador Alliance for Arts Education is working to bring the Arts to all our Schools today and get your students ready for a Creative Tomorrow.  Our local leadership team is made up of a small group of dedicated Teachers, Adminstrators, Artists, Parents and Arts Leaders.

Terra Forgette: Executive Director AmadorArts

Dick Glock: Superintendent ACUSD

About LAHS Instrumental Music Director - John Rush


In his current position as director of Instrumental Music at Los Alamitos High School, John Rush leads the Jazz I, II, and III bands, String Orchestra, Jazz Combos, and teaches AP Music Appreciation.  Under his leadership, the jazz program expanded to three bands.  This year’s experience at the competitive Reno Jazz Festival was especially successful, as each of his jazz performing groups placed in their respective divisions.

Mr. Rush grew up in Cypress and graduated from California State University, Long Beach, where he studied with the late Dr. Michael Carney in percussion and with John Prince in jazz.   He received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.  When he came to Los Al in 2002, he headed the marching band, Jazz II, color guard, concert bands, string orchestra, and drum line programs. Since then, each of the groups has achieved 



Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the center of attention in most US public schools today. The focus on STEM fields was initiated to increase global competitiveness and the project does have its merits. However, it has left the arts languishing far off in the periphery. This is quite unfortunate, as art education is known to improve academic performance.

How Integrating Arts Into Other Subjects Makes Learning Come Alive

by Katrina Schwartz -  KQED News "Mind/Shift" education blog, Jan., 13, 2015

Art has long been recognized as an important part of a well-rounded education — but when it comes down to setting budget priorities, the arts rarely rise to the top. Many public schools saw their visual, performing and musical arts programs cut completely during the last recession, despite the many studies showing that exposure to the arts can help with academics too. A few schools are taking the research to heart, weaving the arts into everything they do and finding that the approach not only boosts academic achievement but also promotes creativity, self-confidence and school pride.