I'm a Recording Engineer at a School

I started a recording studio for teens in my home in 2005.  After recording 400 teens (and many of them returning several times) I was able to join a public school to offer my services.

Over the years the program grew to include live sound for concerts, videography, and even job training for youth.  Our nonprofit status is through the Stanislaus Arts Council.  Now I'm working with the Arts Alliance in my county.  I really like Patty Larrick.  I want to buy the book she wrote and look up some of the programs she mentions at meetings. Some of the places she mentions, I lived in that town--like Chicago.  I was a teen in Chicago and went to an alternative High School called Van Gorder Walden. It's no longer in business but we have a Facebook page.

For more information about the music program I started you can visit: