Creating Your Own Policy

After reviewing sample arts policies from other districts and agencies (see link below), a subcommittee of designated team members can take the ideas of the group and draft a policy for the district. At the next team meeting, additional input and suggestions may be offered and incorporated.

It is recommended that the policy be reviewed by an attorney who works with the district, or a district administrator who manages policies. The policy would first be presented to the Superintendent or his/her representative for input before going to the School Board.

Once the policy has been reviewed by district administration, it should be presented to the School Board for a first reading. The School Board may request changes, or they may adopt it immediately. Sometimes a policy goes for a second or third reading – this will vary from district to district.

The establishment of an Arts Education Policy is considered to be a key indicator of systemic sustainable arts education programs in a district.

Click here [Word Doc: 43KB] to access one document containing two examples of district arts policies, as well as a resolution supporting arts education by the California School Boards Association. These are provided in Microsoft Word format to facilitate adaptation for your own use.