Documenting the Plan

There are many ways to structure the written plan, and it is important to check with your school district office to see if there are any required protocols. The superintendent, curriculum director, or business office may have guidelines for you. Ideally these individuals are already aware that the planning process is underway, and it is likely that at least one of them on your planning team.

The following is our recommended format for the arts education plan, and is provided as an example that can be adapted to your needs.

Click here [Word Doc: 42KB] to access a blank template of this arts education plan.

Arts Education Plan Structure

1. Executive Summary (1-2 pages)

  • Overview of Planning Process
  • Key Contextual Factors (see next section)
  • Vision
  • Strategic Directions
  • Year 1 Goals/Phased Plan Goals
  • Team Roster

2. Context

  • Overview of Arts Education Policies (federal, state, district)
  • Concise History of Arts Education in District (timeline)
  • Current Status of District Arts Programs (data, current reality, gaps)

3. The Plan

  • Vision
  • Contradictions
  • Strategic Direction
  • Action Plan or Phased Plan
  • Advocacy/Communications Plan
  • Persons Responsible

4. Funding Outlook

  • Historical/Current Funding Overview (all sources and allocations)
  • Proposed Budget with Sources (see STAGE 5)
  • Fund Development Plan (as appropriate, see STAGE 5)

5. Community Arts Team Roster

  • Co-chairs
  • Core Team Members
  • District and Community Advisors (as appropriate)
  • Data Collection Participants (administrators, teachers, etc.)

6. Appendices (as appropriate)

  • Full Text of Arts Education Policies (state and local)
  • Results of Data Collection (tables, analyses, etc.)
  • Job Description for Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator
  • Supporting Materials (Information about the Visual and Performing Arts Framework, etc.)
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TIP: To view and download sample arts education plans from school districts throughout California, visit the Alliance website:

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