Conducting the Year-End Review

In the fourth quarter of each year, it is recommended that your team conduct a year-end review. This is an opportunity to reconnect with your stated Vision, redefine the Current Reality that is unique to your district, gauge your progress on the Action Plan and Strategic Directions, and establish a new Action Plan for the year ahead. Be sure to conduct this review before the fourth quarter ends, so that the implementation of your arts education plan sustains its momentum.

It is important to integrate and synchronize the annual review of your arts plan with other major review processes in your district. This helps ensure that the arts program directly supports the overall district goals and is included in budgeting processes. In some cases, you may need to conduct a more extensive third-quarter review in order to align with the overall district planning cycle.

STAGE 7 WORKSHOP | Year-End Review

Step 1:
Step 2:
Current Reality
Step 3:
Strategic Directions
Step 4:
Action Plan
Review your vision. You may decide to add a new element to your vision, or take away one that has been reached but typically the vision will hold for 3-5 years.Use the Wave exercise to reassess your strengths and challenges, as conditions may have shifted during the past year.Review the Strategic Directions and list the major accomplishments under each. Then work in committees to define the major outcomes to pursue in the coming year. Confirm these outcomes with the full team.Create a new Action Plan and calendar for the coming year with detailed responsibilities, budget, etc.Remember to integrate the arts plan with the overall district plan and budgeting process.