How to Use the Insider’s Guide

Planning for arts education is more art than science. There are certainly many proven methods to fulfill the basic requirements of a strategic plan — collect current data, ascertain need, decide on priorities, and develop a viable plan. Strategic plans that are built by consensus from key stakeholders will have more chance of ultimate success — and the delivery of a comprehensive education in the arts for all students.

Achieving that consensus and getting buy-in from the community, teachers and administrative and school board leaders is a hallmark of The Insider’s Guide to Arts Education Planning. While there is no “right” way to plan, we believe there are strategic approaches that can maximize the success and eventual implementation of those plans. And those approaches take time; they take patience and lots of talking and listening and the desire to create a something new that is both practical and sustainable.

The process described in The Insider’s Guide is just one way to achieve the end goal of a thoughtful district wide plan. The guide is filled with tips, techniques, exercises, lessons learned and examples culled from our work in the field. While there is a somewhat linear process indicated, you should feel free to use sections of The Insider’s Guide that best suit your circumstances. Every district has a distinct culture and customary approach to planning.