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Arts Now Communities receive leadership development, strategic assistance and communications tools from the California Alliance to support coalition building, strategic planning and arts education advocacy. Now in over thirty California communities, these coalitions convene business partners, community, arts and parent organizations to stand together for quality, accessible arts education for all students. Below are the most recent blogs from Arts Now Communities. For more information contact Robin Hampton

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March is Arts Education Advocacy Month!

Art Every Day Tasks-31 Creative Ideas To Embrace Your Inner Artist This Month

Learning and working in the Collaborative Age with Randy Nelson


Arts Programs Help Students Improve in All Areas

Arts programming was a factor leading to improved standardized test scores at three schools in Chicago over three years, according to a report released today by the educational arts non-profit Changing Worlds and Loyola University . Of course, this is what we've been saying all along, but here is another study. See the story:

Stanislaus Alliance Urges Parents to Join Advocacy Efforts

The new Stanislaus Alliance for Arts Education encouraged parents to get more involved in promoting arts at their schools at an event this month. 

"When programs are in danger, it's the parents and only the parents that save them," Patty Larrick, the alliance coordinator, told people at a parents forum at the Gallo Center for the Arts.

Working in partnership with the Gallo Center, the Stanislaus Alliance organized and event at which parents could find out how to get more involved in local advoacy efforts, as enjoy master storyteller, in performance at the Center. 

The event attracted over forty community members and was covered in the Modesto Bee. Read the story.

How Will a Creative Index Prepare Young People for the Work Force?

In an article featured in the Huffington Post, Youth Radio explores the potential impact of the creativity index proposed by SB 789 (Price), a bill sponsored by the California Alliance for Arts Education.

YMI interviewed Mary Wright, Associate Director for The Conference Board, a researcher on a report called, "Are They Really Ready To Work?", which "identified key skill sets that employers thought were important for their employees to have, and creativity and innovation were among the top
five." Wright explains how she thinks it could affect the workforce readiness of young people today.

There is growing recognition that our state¹s economy will be driven by ideas and innovation. According to a coalition of researchers, 81% of American corporate leaders say that ³creativity is an essential skill for the 21st century work force.² Yet schools have narrowed their expectations in recent years, ³teaching to the test² because standardized tests are the only public measures of school success.

"Tiger Team" Report Describes the VAPA Universe at SDUSD

Last spring, the SDAAE took on the herculean task of investigating the universe of arts education instruction at the San Diego Unified School District. The effort was part of a District wide initiative by Board of Education members Scott Barnett and Kevin Beiser to have community volunteers review various programs and departments within the District and to identify efficiencies, potential revenue opportunities and possible cost savings.

2012 Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival

2012 Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival

February 10-11 • 8 pm & February 11-12 • 2 pm

The STeAM Camps are coming...



As demand for a new workforce to meet the challenges of a global knowledge economy is rapidly increasing, few things could be as important in this period of our nation’s history than an interdisciplinary education that brings the arts and sciences together. Not surprisingly, so-called STEAM Camps signal an increased role for the arts as part of the new curriculum.

Santa Ana Alliance Welcomes New Superintendent

It’s a challenge when a local alliance spends several years building a great working relationship with a school superintendent and, after all that hard work, they change districts or retire. Of course, we wish them well but when a new superintendent arrives, how does the alliance keep the momentum going?
In Orange County, the month of November has been a banner month for welcoming new superintendents to the community and framing the issue of arts education in one fell swoop.

Two local alliances held welcome receptions for their new superintendents with over 70 community leaders, parents, arts organizations and teachers in attendance at each one.

What is the Local Advocacy Network?

Welcome to the Newport Mesa Alliance for Arts Education.