Arts Edge ArtsEdge is the Kennedy Center’s free digital resource for teaching and learning through and about the arts.  

Insiders Guide 
This toolkit, created by the California Alliance, provides a hands-on, how-to planning process for schools, districts and counties, which enables them to assess, envision, and implement quality visual and performing arts programs for their students.

Toolkit for Winning School Board Support for Arts Learning
Keep Arts In Schools has introduced an advocacy toolkit to help make the case for arts learning as an essential component to quality education and community life. The online kit provides compelling data as well as real-life examples of how parents and other influential groups are successfully lobbying their school boards.

OC Dept of Ed: Arts Advantage
Orange County Department of Education serves the community, districts, schools, and teachers to support arts education in schools.  The website features current programs and resources on the side tabs.

Below are downloadable resources to support local advocacy.




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