Our Campaign

Our campaign will focus on outreach, education, and recognition of the various arts education strategies available. Campaign components will include:

  • Regional Arts Now Summits: Rallying point for celebration, cultivation, professional development and education of local advocates, administrators and decision makers.
  • Arts Now Communities: A statewide network of regional/district/county advocacy groups who receive strategic coaching, training, communication supports and grant opportunities to pursue campaign objectives.
  • Arts Planning Initiative: Strategic assistance, high caliber facilitation and financial stipend to help school districts and counties complete an arts plan using the best tools available.
  • Title 1 Arts: Step-by-step coaching for schools and districts to incorporate arts integration strategies in their Title I program.
  • LCFF: Tools and training to help community advocates effectively participate in their school district’s annual planning process.
  • Alliance Turnkey Advocacy Projects & Student Engagement: Encourage engagement in Student Voices Campaign, Candidate Survey, Arts Ed Data Project, and other tools to advance campaign goals.
  • Alliance Policy & Advocacy Hub: Webinars, policy papers, research and collateral materials to support education and advocacy.  
  • Press Outreach, Campaign Branding and Communications: Branding and communications that tie together all elements of Arts Now along with strategic press outreach and social media to drive coverage, awareness and education.
  • Statewide partnerships: Strong ties with statewide organizations and associations for the primary purpose of regional strategy integration.

Together we will demonstrate the success of arts education learning in districts that have embraced a robust investment and determine how best these practices can be replicated elsewhere.