Promote the Candidate Surveys

Student involvement in the arts is linked to lower dropout rates and higher test scores and it fosters creativity and critical thinking. But in recent years arts programs have been cut at an alarming rate. So where do the candidates running for school board in your district stand on arts education? 
The Candidate Survey Project provides voters with the information they need to elect leaders who will support arts education in our schools. You can help by promoting the survey using the tools below. 
  1. Email or Blog – Use our email template to share the results of the survey with your colleagues and friends. Include the link to the results. Attach our flyer (below).  You can also use this text as a template for a blog. Post it in your local 

  2. Elevator or Stage Speech – Use our template for a one-minute stage speech or a one-on-one conversation  at your next community event. Bring copies of our flyer (below) to hand out. 
  3. Newsletter – Use this text for an entry in a newsletter for a professional or social group you belong to.  
  4. Flyer – Share this flyer at your local booster club meeting, PTA gathering, school concert, rotary club meeting or farmers market. 

  5. Banner & Logo - Post this banner and logo on your website linking it to the survey page: