Alliance Policy Papers

At the Crossroads of the Arts and Equity
This policy paper underscores the Alliance's commitment to its goal of every California student receiving access to high-quality arts education. That commitment has informed our efforts to promote Title I funds being used for arts education strategies to support Title I goals, our focus on arts education as an effective strategy within the goals of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and our work to articulate and promote arts integration throughout the curriculum.
Embracing Arts Education to Achieve Title 1 Goals
Arts education can improve student engagement, academic achievement, parent involvement and other Title 1 goals. This paper documents a policy pathway for districts and schools to use arts strategies to achieve Title 1 goals.
Understanding the Vital Link Between Both the Arts And Career Technical Education in California Public Schools

This policy paper clarifies the relationship between Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) subjects and recommends a “Both/And” framework for policymaking to ensure the greatest range of benefits and opportunities for students.

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Accountability in Arts Education: Building a Statewide System of Reciprocity

This paper focuses attention on the issue of accountability. To improve the quality and consistency of school arts programs, and to guarantee public confidence in the State's recent investments in arts education, an appropriate system of accountability must be established.

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Quality, Equity and Access: A Status Report on Arts Education in California Public Schools Grades Pre-K through 12

This 27-page briefing paper reports on the state of visual and performing arts education in California's K-12 schools, with a comprehensive analysis of the status of arts education and the need for stronger policies to support arts instruction for all California students.

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