Alliance Policy Papers

The Role of the Arts in the Expansion of California’s Early Learning and Care System

In this brief we set forth recommendations to ensure the arts are explicitly included and supported as a core part of the complete early learning experience for California’s young children.

Something's Happening in Chula Vista

In this brief we explain why we came to Chula Vista, what we discovered in almost two years of research, and how the data have led to conclusions that speak to the conditions not only in Chula Vista but across the state and country. 

The Impact of Arts Education In High-Trauma Schools 

A Pilot Study Examining Student Engagement, Creativity, and Social Emotional Learning in the Chula Vista Elementary School District

The policy brief focuses on the outcome of an arts education budget initiative instigated by the bill SB 933 (Allen), known as the “Arts for Every Student Incentive Grant Program”, and sponsored by the California Alliance for Arts Education.

This policy paper is intended for school leaders, policymakers, practitioners, and advocates looking for examples of what works and how to make it happen. It is divided roughly into three parts: Building the Pathway, which outlines the specific actions taken and resources created over the years of the initiative; Perception, Policy, and Practice, which describes the changes we have seen occur around those actions and resources, along with lessons learned along the way; and Policy in Action sidebars, case study examples of successful programs in school and districts who are implementing arts strategies to support Title I goals.

This policy paper underscores the Alliance's commitment to its goal of every California student receiving access to high-quality arts education. That commitment has informed our efforts to promote Title I funds being used for arts education strategies to support Title I goals, our focus on arts education as an effective strategy within the goals of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and our work to articulate and promote arts integration throughout the curriculum.
Arts education can improve student engagement, academic achievement, parent involvement and other Title 1 goals. This paper documents a policy pathway for districts and schools to use arts strategies to achieve Title 1 goals.