Resources for Parents

Be a Hero for Arts Education Guide
This guide from the California State PTA and the California County Superintendents offers concrete actions parents can take to expand arts education in the public schools system. This and other great resources are listed in the PTA's Art Smarts pages

10 Important Things to Know About Arts Education in California
Educate your community about the value of arts education with this fact sheet.

Join a Local Advoacy Coalition
The Alliance's Local Advoacy Network empowers local communities to advocate for arts education in their district or school. The Alliance provides local groups the leadership development, strategic assistance and online resources and communication tools they need to make effective school board presentations, earn media coverage of this issue. Find a group near you on our map of California or contact us if you're intersted in forming a group in your community.  

The Insiders's Guide to Arts Education Planning
This guide form the California Alliance provides a hands-on, how-to planning process for schools, districts and counties. Field tested by experienced Arts Education Planning Coaches and Community Arts Teams, best practices, innovative ideas, templates and strategies are offered here as a guide to navigate the sometimes challenging terrain of arts education planning. The Alliance is pleased to offer this guide as a tool and catalyst for strategic thinking and district wide planning throughout California.

California Alliance Local Advocacy Flyer
Take Action! Here are reasons to join your local alliance for arts education.

Arts Education Partnership
A brochure that details how arts education prepares students for the next America.

Resources from the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation

To help educate parents and communities about the state’s remodeling of the K-12 public education system and the state’s new accountability system—including the California School Dashboard—the Alliance for Continuous Improvement developed a series of materials parents can download, adapt and use with their community.