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Welcome recipients of the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) Grants in the Arts and other interested arts educators.

This webpage has been developed by the California Alliance for Arts Education to provide transparency and accountability to accompany the implementation of the statewide SSAE Grants in the Arts. As a field we are grateful to have this opportunity to explore innovative practices that support arts education and to share evidence of the impact these grants are having on the lives of students.


About the Project

Our intention in convening a cohort of grantees is to gather information about the work you are doing, and to initiate a conversation among grantees who may be facing similar challenges related to the timeline and expectations of the grant. By establishing a ‘learning community’, we are hoping to provide perspective, insight and maybe even a little relief to the work you are doing.

In this Webpage we will provide links to each recipient of the SSAE Grants that focus on the Arts. These links include general information about each individual grant project, as well as any news articles or other public information related to the work. In addition, there is a link to the California State Department of Education webpage called “Collaboration in Common”, where recipients with common interests, resources and needs can connect and collaborate.

We hope you will find this effort  useful and worthwhile. We welcome your feedback about this webpage and will provide regular updates to the information being provided. If you have any comments please feel free to contact Stan Miller at



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Grant Recipients


In the News

Tuolumne County Office of Education
The Union Democrat | August 6, 2019
Marin County Office of Education
Youth in Arts | July 9, 2019
Beaumont Unified School District
KPCC | May 28, 2019
Tuolumne County Office of Education
THE UNION DEMOCRAT | April 18, 2019
Tuolumne County Office of Education
THE UNION DEMOCRAT | April 19, 2019
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District
Monterey Herald | December 4, 2018
Sacramento County Office of Education
The Sacramento Bee | December 11, 2018
Napa Valley Unified
Napa Valley Register | January 3, 2019
Windsor Unified School District
The Press Democrat | December 18, 2018
Butte County Office of Education
Enterprise-Record | January 7, 2019


Stories of Success

Oceanside Unified SD
June 18, 2019
Santa Rosa Elementary School District
Inside California EducationMay 23, 2019
Morgan Hill Unified School District
May 21, 2019
Val Verde Unified School District
May 16, 2019
Tuolumne County Office of Education
May 16, 2019
Beaumont Unified School District
May 16, 2019
Windsor Unified School District
May 13, 2019


Collaboration in Common

You are invited to join an online community of fellow 2018 SSAE Competitive Grant Recipients in the Arts. In this community you can ask questions and share resources with grant recipients working on similar projects. Simply select the following link: Please see this flyer with instructions and share with anyone involved with the SSAE.  The five teams that are conected to grants in the Visual and performing Arts are: 

SSAE Arts- General Comments/Questions

SSAE Arts-Professional Development

SSAE-Arts-Strategic Planning

SSAE Arts-Special Ed./Alt. Ed

SSAE Arts-Curriculum